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Working to take the Majority

Life for Washingtonians has not improved under one-party rule. Higher taxes have placed a heavy financial burden on working families. Soft-on-crime and anti-law enforcement measures have made our communities unsafe. Unrestrained use of the governor’s emergency powers has diminished the people’s voice. And a special interest-driven agenda on education has impeded parents’ rights. Improving the cost-of-living, restoring public safety, defending the people’s power, and safeguarding K-12 education demands a change of course – that’s only possible if Republicans win back the Washington State House of Representatives.

Making life more affordable through tax relief

It’s our continued mission to roll back the Democrats’ continuous tax increases and punitive regulatory policies that make life more expensive for working families. We’re committed to passing tax relief measures and common-sense policies to help alleviate financial burdens for struggling families, students, small business owners, and the most vulnerable. We also stand in opposition to a state income tax, which would hurt families and eliminate a significant competitive business advantage.

Strengthening public safety by supporting law enforcement

Chronic homelessness, addiction, crime, and untreated mental health needs – our communities face significant challenges that demand real solutions. The Democrats’ ineffective and destructive policies ignore these problems’ root causes and make them far worse by eliminating essential support from law enforcement professionals. Our communities deserve more than ranking last in the nation for the number of police officers per thousand people. We’re committed to keeping our streets, neighborhoods, and families safe by funding police departments across the state and passing measures to encourage police officer recruitment and incentivize retention.

Holding state government accountable and enacting emergency powers reform

One-party rule in Olympia has led to a lack of consequences for significant failures, from crippling data breaches and significant cost overruns for transportation projects to the early release of violent prisoners and the unaddressed homelessness and substance abuse crisis. Without government accountability, everyday families will continue facing the devastating impact of failures. We will work to hold the governor and his state agencies accountable, working to restore public trust by increasing oversight and implementing proven reforms. Washingtonians deserve meaningful representation in government policies – not one-man or one-party rule. We’re committed to limiting the governor’s emergency powers to certify the sole authority to create laws belongs to the peoples’ representatives in the Legislature and the people themselves.

Empowering parents by guaranteeing curriculum transparency and educational flexibility

Parents have a right to know what their children are taught – and they have a right to decide how their children are educated. We’re committed to strengthening trust in our K-12 education system by ensuring transparency. Unlike the Democrats’ special interest-driven agenda, we believe in enabling parents to help their children succeed in school and life by assuring the financial and educational flexibility necessary for school choice to become a reality.