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Kyle Lyebyedyev
47th Legislative District
Position 1

Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Friends of Kyle Lyebyedyev
PO Box 7505
Covington, WA 98042

Phone: 206-349-7851
Email: [email protected]

About Kyle Lyebyedyev

Kyle Lyebyedyev was born in Ukraine while the territory was under communist control by the Soviet Union.  Growing up in a military family, Kyle developed an understanding of and a strong desire for freedom.  In February 2002, Kyle legally immigrated to the United States to pursue that freedom and happiness, strongly believing in the American Dream.

Kyle is a successful small business owner and family man. He and his wife Lily have been married for 16 years and have three children together, two girls and a boy.  In 2019, Kyle completed a course at the Jennifer Dunn Leadership Institute, and later that year received the Veda Jellen Grassroots Activist Award. He is also a Sunday school director in their local church and very well-known in the Ukrainian-American leadership community.

In his active role in our community, Kyle has seen and heard the needs of Washingtonians, whether they were born and raised here, or are from different part of the world.  He recognizes the important role that these diverse groups play in our own Washington State and our nation.  Kyle knows the importance of investing in our kids and our families and is adamant that parents are the ones who should decide what is best for their kids.

Strongly opposed to the socialism he saw in Ukraine, Kyle says, “If obstacles or challenges to my freedom, prosperity, and liberty arise, I will not be silent. I will pursue those things in any possible way that the United States Constitution allows me.”  It is those obstacles and challenges that motivated Kyle to announce his candidacy for the office of Washington State Representative, 47th Legislative District, Position 1.

While maintaining a successful business and family, Kyle has decided public service in this capacity is the best way to serve his community, benefitting, not only immigrant communities, but all his neighbors in 47th Legislative District and throughout the state of Washington.

Kyle believes that the continual raising of taxes, especially on small business, is not the way to strengthen our economy.  Rather, excessive taxation is just one more way to destroy and drive businesses away and make entrepreneurship miserable.

Kyle’s passion is education. He is a father of three children and knows what is essential in the education of our kids, education that will give our kids tools for a success in the future, tools that will help them excel and will give them a bright future.

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