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Joe Schmick
9th Legislative District
Position 2

Contact Information

Mailing Address:

People for Joe Schmick
PO Box 620
Colfax, WA 99111

Phone: 509-879-2078
Email: [email protected]


Health Care & Wellness
Rural Development, Agriculture & Natural Resources

About Joe Schmick

I find it an honor and privilege to represent the 9th district in the Legislature. This year the legislature was able to get its work done on time. We fought hard this year and again were able to stop the democrats from raising millions of dollars in taxes. As citizen legislators, I feel, it is important to live in our communities with the consequences of the laws that are enacted.

As I visit with folks here at home, jobs and the overall tax burden are the most common topics of conversation. There are still 24,000 people right here in our communities who are still looking for work. There is nothing more disheartening to an individual who wants to work than the lack of job opportunities.

I prefer to create an atmosphere where new jobs can thrive instead of increasing B&O taxes on small businesses, hiking taxes on household goods or additional increases at the gas pump, sending more of your paycheck to Olympia which impacts your ability to put food on the table at home.

That’s why I will continue fighting to protect our small businesses and working families by making Olympia live within its means – just like you and I do.

I would appreciate your vote, and look forward to visiting with you about these and other important issues facing your family and our community.