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Dan Johnson
42nd Legislative District
Position 2

Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Vote Dan Johnson
PO Box 30337
Bellingham, WA 98228

Phone: 360-305-3719
Email: [email protected]

About Dan Johnson

I have been a resident of Whatcom County since I was 7 and graduated from Meridian High School. I served honorably in the United States Marine Corps from 1993-97. In 2002, I purchased the family towing business from my parents and then sold in August of 2019.

While the bulk of my work experience was in the towing and recovery industry it is worth mentioning that I did have other jobs. In my high school years, I did my time in the fast-food industry and after my Marine Corps service I worked as a Radio DJ, a freight handler in a local hardware store, I was a “D” list worker (entry level) out of the local labor union hall and as a CDL operator I was both an over the road long haul driver and a local feed driver. After experiencing these other trades, I made the decision to return to the towing and recovery industry.

During that time, I was involved in education with local police, fire, and aid to create demonstrations like mock DUI crashes that were performed at local high schools. I was also a trainer for the Washington State Traffic Incident Management Coalition (WATIMCO).

I also contributed my time to the Towing and Recovery Association of Washington (TRAW) by serving in several roles to include but not limited to President, Vice President, Legislative Co-Chair, Expo Co-Chair, and assisted with industry training and education. In addition, I assisted in the contract negotiations between the towing industry and the Washington State Patrol.

During my time in the towing industry, I spent approximately 12 years as a legislative co-chair. I was able to provide input and analysis on the issues that were surrounding my industry to include drafting bills, amending current laws and resolving issues that were brought forth by outside interests.  Some examples of legislation I worked on were Hailey’s Law, an amended version of the Slow Down Move Over Law, an amended version of the Vehicle Seller’s Report of Sale and a vehicle redemption fix regarding next of kin.

The night before one of my bills was to be signed, we received word from the Governor that he was going to veto our legislation. In the 11th hour I was able to provide critical analysis of the bill to the Governor’s office which resulted in the signing of the bill the following morning. The knowledge and understanding of the current statute vs the proposed legislation and the ability to interpret and explain what it fixed was key to the signing of that bill into law.

In 2009 I contacted then Representative Doug Ericksen and together we wrote a DUI Bill titled Hailey’s Law. This was after a DUI crash occurred in Whatcom County where the driver of a vehicle drove drunk twice in one night nearly taking the life of Whatcom County resident Hailey French. The bill was passed in the 2011 legislative session in Olympia.

Also in 2011, as the President of the TRAW, I worked with the City of Seattle regarding impound laws and standards. Those meetings included the mayor’s staff, city council members, city attorneys and other stakeholders. The result of those negotiations was mutually agreed upon practices for the towing industry.

One of the last projects I worked on was regarding the Service Member Civil Relief Act. This federal act prohibits the sale of personal property belonging to deployed service members and was in complete conflict with Washington State Impound Laws. As a representative of the TRAW I met with members of the Washington State Attorney General’s office to resolve this issue. As a veteran myself I was able to bring firsthand experience to the discussions and work towards resolve.

On the local level I worked with the Bellingham Police Department, the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office, Washington State Patrol Dist. 7 Bellingham, Washington State Department of Transportation Bellingham and several Whatcom County Fire Districts. Our ability to effectively communicate and work together created a cohesive bond improving safety and critical incident management for the citizens of Whatcom County.

In closing, my ability to understand and analyze issues, effectively communicate, and work with various stakeholders combined with a broad professional experience are all what I consider to be very valuable assets for the citizens of the 42nd District.