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Brandon Vick
18th Legislative District
Position 1

Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Committee to Elect Brandon Vick
PO Box 1434
Battle Ground, WA 98604

Phone: 360-609-4363
Email: [email protected]


Commerce & Gaming
Consumer Protection & Business

About Brandon Vick

I am running for re-election for a very simple reason. That reason is passion. Passion for our Country, passion for our State, and passion for our community.

As your State Representative, a husband, a father, a small business leader, and a long-term resident of the 18th District; I understand the challenges that are facing the people of SW Washington. While serving you in Olympia, it has been my pleasure to fight for the values that are important to you and I.

I am proud to have earned a reputation as an effective legislator who works hard to ensure that your voice is heard. I am pleased to be trusted to serve as the Ranking Member of the Business & Financial Services Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Commerce and Gaming Committee. I am honored to also serve as the House Republican representative to the Legislative Ethics Board, and the Washington State Gambling Commission. But of all of the things that I have accomplished, I am most proud to be a legislator who shows up and works tirelessly to find practical and meaningful solutions to today’s problems – making sure that your voice has been well represented in Olympia!

Being an effective legislator is a direct result of not only being a team player, but of stepping up to take the lead when it is needed. I am proud to have fought for balanced budgets while being responsible with taxpayer dollars. I am also proud of the work that we have done in making sure that K-12 education is our state’s top priority. Over the last eight years we have made historic investments in K-12 education. By refocusing the state’s priorities back onto education, we have been able to fully fund our K-12 education system. Unfortunately, some of that work has been undone by the majority party over the last 2 years, raising property taxes and relaxing accountability reforms. I will continue to advocate for reforms and improvements in how your tax dollars are spent while fighting to bring your property taxes back into alignment. I ask you today to allow me to continue that good work.

As a proud father and product of our local schools, there is nothing I want to see more than for our children to be given the best opportunity to succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy. We must make sure that more of you hard earned money makes it into the classroom, and that less is spent on bureaucracy.

As a small business leader, job creation is close to my heart. We must continue to do more to make sure that employers are given a friendly, stable, and predictable environment. Jobs can only be created if we make sure that regulations in our state are not overly burdensome, that permits are easily accessible, and that tax rates are stable and not prohibitive. By achieving these goals, we can get Washington back to work.

Lastly, we cannot overlook or overstate the impacts that our state is facing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and the Governor’s heavy-handed reaction to it. While I have been actively advocating for the Governor to call a special session immediately in an effort to get ahead of budgetary turmoil that our state will be facing, it appears as though he wants to wait until 2021. We already know that we will be facing a budget shortfall of nearly $9,000,000,000.00, and those number are likely to rise as those folks who make-up our economy are forced into failure. The solution to this problem is not new taxes (as are currently being proposed), but a measured and responsible realignment of our State’s priorities. As bad as our current situation may be, it is temporary and we will recover. There is no need to implement a permanent tax in order to combat a short-term problem.

Please continue to browse the website and become familiar with those who are supporting me, and my positions on the issues that are important to both you and I.

Again, my name is Brandon Vick and I am your State Representative in Washington’s 18th District. I will continue to work hard to earn your trust and support, and I would be honored to have your vote for re-election.

As always, thank you for allowing me to serve you!